Squatting Content

The Clearance Areas

In the late 1960s and early 1970s Norwich, like many other towns and cities, began a slum clearance programme. But in Norwich the City Council were over-ambitious leaving many homes vacant and abandoned.

The Mancroft Street Squats

This area, off Dereham Rd, had many empty houses awaiting redevelopment and squatters made good use of some of them. Malcolm Bradbury wrote about this area in his novel the History Man.

Bishopsgate Squats

Near Bishop's Bridge, the legendary Muz Murray, creater of Gandalf's Garden returned from India to create a new Seed Garden community.

Argyle Street - the beginning

How some anarchists, punks and socialists got it together to squat an entire street.

The Argyle Street Manifesto

The Street magazine provided a detailed manifesto for its survival.....which most everyone ignored.

A New Society?

New Society was a non-partisan magazine which featured cultural and social content. Ian Walker ventured down the Street and wrote a fascinating insight into the lives of some who lived there. Argyle Street responded with a counterblast of their own.


Gary Anand (Subasa) writes about his experiences living on the Street.

Memoirs of a Survivor

The mysterious book by Doris Lessing was made into an even more mysterious film which was shot down Argyle Street. Has your humble editor discovered the secret meanings in this Cult film?

The Womens Centre & Alternative Education

The Street was a society in microcosm but was it better?

A Strange Cult

The over-sensationalised Sanyassins made a humble appearance and rocked the Street with trance inducing space-rock.

This is the End

The bikers came and the authoritars had enough. The Street was emptied and demolished but it wasn't quite the end....