Bristows - an arts utopia in a slaughterhouse? How Giles Bristow created Norwich's first alternative bookshop.

The Small Press Magazines

Norch, Cyclops and a few books are associated with Bristow's and the Wild Pigeon Press.

Creative Evolution Has Arrived!

Pip Mosley writes about his experience of Bristow's and editing Norch magazine.


Hayden Murphy recounts the heady days of Bristow's.

The Reading

Colin Cross writes about readings in Bristow's. 

Diz Willis

Described by his wife, the redoubtable Moggs, as a "Ginger Viking Art God." Or something. Have a drink with us as we explore the legacy of this most creative gentleman.


Al Schmidt

Musician, artist and writer Al tells all about how he got to design posters for the UEA and the lost treasure of his Bristow's collage.

Jeff Nuttall

Nutty came to Norch and nothing was ever the same again.

The Unicorn Bookshop

We explore the links between the Unicorn Bookshop in Brighton and Bristow's in Norwich.

Giles Bristow & the Obscenity Trial

The man himself and the trial that may have broken him.

Tim Sillence

Norwich's finest poet?

Maurice Carpenter

This old boy gets a look in. And why not?