Bristow's was, as you can read here, not just a bookshop but a place which hosted poetry readings and art exhibitions. It also managed to squeeze in a printing press. They decided to call it The Wild Pigeon Press. Tim Sillence said "At about this time the Wild Pigeon Press came into operation, so called because the recurrent phrase at the Students Union office at the Tech, "It's your pigeon" and the feelings of those involved that they were not so much "hawks" or "doves" but just (guess what) "wild pigeons."


Tim's connection with Giles Bristow started thus: "I was in Brighton looking around and I found the Unicorn Bookshop and I thought it would be a good idea to open a bookshop like that in Norwich selling small magazines and out of the ordinary things in the arts. New ideas were what I was looking for. I felt I had more energy than was reflected by Norwich at that time. Back in Norwich I walked down Bridewell Alley and saw what used to be a butcher's was a bookshop. I met Giles and we started readings and general 'events' in the back of the shop."