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The 8.15 murders is a funny old thing. Unfashionably unfathomable. Enigmatic. I have a rough photocopied version which I typed out and studied for some time. Perhaps too long. For I sought answers for peculiar puzzles which were never solveable. Clues for inscrutable riddles. The book is a murder mystery or should I say, just a mystery. Thank goodness You don't have to bother trying to decipher the strange tome - for its authors (it was a collaborative conundrum) reveal all from their graves. But first Sid Langley, who was no mean writer himself, gives his review:

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Well, I am glad I am not alone - and Sid read it FIVE times, bless him. But it is 1968, you know the summer of love, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds anallthat. I was so hoping that the authors called Christian Parsley would reply to this provocation. But first, in some strange way, this little book fits in with me on a more personal level.

I first met Tim Sillence in Norwich's trendy St. Benedicts Street in the early 1980s. He told me that his name was Christian. I remember talking about him with someone in The Plough and they told me with a groan "that's Tim, not Christian." No matter - grinning Tim wanted to know what I did and I told him that I worked in a restaurant down the road (Pinocchios). From then on he brought bunches and bunches of parsley to the restaurant to be bought for a few pounds until Tony, the manager, told him to P off. I can only suppose that this was the time where Tim was studying horticulture at City College......

an open and shut case then.........Nuttall references. Sillence sees grisly torso murders become mundane everyday conversations on the bus. Diz is open and shut case open and shut case open and shut case open and shut case open and shut case open and shut case open and shut case open and shut case then....